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    Product model: LS6-030D31

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    The LS6-030D31 AGV is uses the existing electric tow tractors in the market to retrofit a SLAM-based laser-guided traction AGV. The map and path are stored in the AGV controller, which can be used without reflectors for reference. Autonomous navigation of the site environment. The original driver standing platform is retained, and the switching is simple and flexible. It can communicate with the host computer system through the wireless ModbusTCP protocol, accept scheduling instructions and feedback its own status.
    Site construction is simple and AGV has stronger autonomy.
    Smooth operation, simplified route, not easy to be disturbed.
    High accuracy of walking and positioning, safe and reliable.
    It has strong compatibility and can work with other AGV and MES systems.
    It can be applied to material distribution of various industrial logistics.