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    JY's AGV & Motorcycle Industry


    According to the data of Huajing Intelligence Network, in 2022, China's motorcycle ownership of 11.8 / 100 people, with the national policy in recent years tends to relax the use of motorcycles and changes in the consumer structure, young people are gradually becoming the main consumer groups in the motorcycle market, the motorcycle industry is also urgently seeking to change, by focusing on the production efficiency of the product and performance enhancement, individuality and diversification of the design to better meet the needs of the consumer market. The motorcycle industry is also urgently looking for changes to better meet the demands of the consumer market by focusing on product production efficiency and performance improvement, personality and diversified design.

    The previous issues, I am in the automotive industry, construction machinery industry and the tire industry with a detailed introduction to the advantages of JY's AGV, this time, we cast our eyes on the motorcycle industry, the market rebound, and then read more about the characteristics of JY's AGV in this field in which the main aspects of the performance:

    High efficiency: JY's AGV in the motorcycle industry can replace the traditional plate chain assembly line and roller conveyor assembly line, to meet the enterprise multi-machine mixed line production, the use of intelligent AGV, can effectively improve the overall production and assembly efficiency of the enterprise.

    Flexibility: AGV can adapt to the assembly operation of different models, different work stations and different heights, and can stop at any position within the lifting height range for better production operation of assembly workers.

    Safety: JY's AGV focuses on safety and can effectively protect the equipment and personnel safety in the logistics link of motorcycle industry. Various safety facilities and protective measures are provided, such as safety fences and collision avoidance devices, to ensure that no accidents occur in the logistics process.

    Customizability: Jingyuan Mechatronics is able to customize according to the actual needs of the motorcycle industry and provide logistics equipment that meets specific requirements. With rich technical experience and professional team, the company is able to provide customers with personalized solutions to meet different sizes and needs of motorcycle enterprises.

    JY different models of AGV widely used in the motorcycle industry intelligent manufacturing

    In short, the application of logistics equipment in the motorcycle industry of Jingyuan Electromechanical has the characteristics of high efficiency, flexibility, safety, customizable, etc. In the motorcycle industry automation on the road to transformation, through the professional intelligent manufacturing overall solutions accumulated over the years, for the enterprise has been to provide assistance to optimize the efficiency. In the future, we look forward to working with more industry partners to improve together.