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    JY was awarded "2023 Famous Brand in Logistics" (Forklift AGV)


    Warmly congratulate JY to obtain
    "2023 Famous Brand in Logistics"
    (Forklift AGV)

    Recently, material handling, automation technology, transportation systems and logistics of the international event CeMAT ASIA2023 held on October 24-27 in Shanghai New International Expo Center, based on logistics, to create a high-end manufacturing benchmarking platform, CeMAT ASIA2023 still presents the logistics industry's booming development. As one of the AGV intelligent assembly and intelligent logistics system suppliers in the logistics industry, JY attended and participated in the "2023 China (International) Intelligent Logistics Innovation and Development Summit and the 12th China Logistics Well-known Brands Award Ceremony", which was held concurrently with CeMAT ASIA2023 in Shanghai on October 26th, under the banner of logistics brand network of Xinchuangrongmedia. ".

    "2023 annual logistics famous brand" shortlist is based on the principle of user evaluation, take the form of network voting, survey statistics automatically generated, the activities of the selection has always adhered to the principle of justice, fairness, openness, free of charge, strict monitoring of the voting process, the results of the vote at any time in the logistics brand network publicity. This time,JY forklift AGV products with the stability, safety, flexibility, speed and other characteristics of the success of the list, won the forklift AGV top ten brand annual honor, but also fully reflects the market users of Jinyuan electromechanical forklift AGV products support and recognition.

    Awarding scene (Photo material: CeMAT ASIA)

    JY since 04 years involved in AGV technology, after 19 years of accumulation and sharpening, in the industry has accumulated a certain reputation and reputation, which forklift AGV is more widely used in automotive, tires, food and beverages, chemical industry, and many other industries, with a large number of cases, experienced, such as: GAC Honda, Thailand Sentury, Hefei Wanli, Guizhou Tire, Yili, BASF, and so on. It really realizes the intelligent automated logistics factory and saves the cost for the enterprises.

    In the future, JY will continue to plough into the AGV field, adhere to independent innovation, product upgrading, excellence, and is committed to providing leading intelligent equipment and logistics system integrated solutions for various industries.